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The Denture Clinic Services

Full Dentures

We provide both dentures designed for the average fit, and personalized dentures made with precision techniques and premium materials.

Removable Partial Dentures

Not harmful to remaining teeth, and they are more comfortable than ever. With acrylic, metal/acrylic, and flexible thermoplastics variants.

Implant Retained Dentures

The preferred method of tooth replacement. They substitute for tooth roots, preserve bone, and hold dentures. The closest experience to natural teeth.

Immediate Denture

This technique skips waiting for teeth removal, and takes the impression while your teeth are still in.

The Soft Liner Alternative

Provides greater comfort and relief for those who have severely receded or flat gums, chronic soreness, and prominent or bony areas in gums.

Recall Recare

This is an appointment to check tissue and bone, abnormal conditions like cancer, improper fit and bite, and the integrity of the denture.


All-on-Four Implants is a proven technique to provide a beautiful smile usually in one day by placing four dental implants that support a full set of permanent teeth.

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